Crew Person



Crew Person

Job Description

Energetic, outgoing, self motivated individual that enjoys responding quickly to the needs of our guests. The ideal Crew Member will be interested in learning and building a career with the Company. The concierge acts as an ambassador that represents McDonald’s to our guests.

The responsibilities that go with this job include the following duties:

  • Greeting guests while offering a highly satisfying experience
  • Taking, assembling and presenting food orders
  • Requesting and receiving payment, operating the cash register
  • Cleaning in accordance to McDonald’s sanitary standards including but not limited to: sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning walls, tables, counters, kitchen and service equipment. Cleaning the guest service area, removing trash, cleaning restrooms and parking lot
  • Assisting new crew members in learning their new job skills
  • Cooking and preparing McDonald’s World Famous food
  • Deliveries; off-loading trucks, storage and movement of raw ingredients to the work area, checking stock of ingredients and insuring proper stock levels and rotation
  • Checking equipment to ensure that it is in proper working order, letting the management team know if there might be a problem
  • Backing up other crew members in their jobs, assist in any area to ensure that the food is being prepared, packaged and delivered to guest in a timely manner
  • Ensure McDonald’s Food Safety Standards and Procedures are followed
  • Partner with other Crew and Managers to meet daily goals and have fun

Starting Wage: $13.00