HR/Training and Development Intern


HR/Training and Development Intern

Job Description

Hello! I am looking for someone with strong analytical skills, attention to detail and calendar management who wants to gain experience in a meaningful way. I am responsible for the onboarding process and development of our 300+ employees. Your role will begin with Orientation every Tuesday. You will learn what goes into the onboarding process and what it looks like big picture to bring someone through an entire training program. We will also be tracking results and implementing action plans based on the results accomplished. There will be bi-weekly reports you will assist in creating. This is not a "go get the coffee" position. Your work will directly translate into business results. You will report directly to me and I'll coach you along the way. If you like your work to mean something then this is the position for you. The goal of this 90 day internship is to have you come out of it with specific results from the work you have done during your time with us. You will impact the following areas: - Staffing Levels - Turnover We will work on several deep dives into the numbers on why we are or aren't retaining employees. We will use several measurements to inform our action plans, make predictions, and present results at our Month End Meetings. You will participate in 3 of those.

Must be able to have independent and reliable transportation to and from work responsibilities. Must be available on Tuesday for Orientation (currently they are scheduled from 2p - 7p)

Additional Info:
This internship is paid. Expected workload will range from 15 - 20 hours per week.